Pollen – Urban Farming and Beekeeping

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Pollen works to create solutions for sustainable living by installing and managing all aspects of small scale food production and waste reduction. We specialize in backyard and rooftop installations for your home or business including vegetable gardens, chicken coops, beehives, rainwater catchment systems, greenhouses, compost systems, living roofs, bat houses and more.

Complete solutions – We can provide installation and/or management service to any degree desired, from simple consultations to a complete backyard farm.


We create gardens that fit your space and produce a variety of vegetables throughout the growing season. Plants are grown from seed in your own backyard, or from starts grown in our greenhouse. We focus on managing pests, diseases and soil quality using organic methods to ensure that your food is fresh, delicious and healthy. We will even harvest your crops as soon as they are ready and leave them on your doorstep.


We can build custom coops to fit your space, both in size and aesthetic. We also source a variety of chicken breeds that accommodate your needs, from the tick eating Guinea to the standard egg laying Rhode Island Red. Note: The best time to order chicks is in the late winter (Feb – Mar).


We will install and manage beehives right on your property so that you can marvel at the industry of the honey bee – and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We will also source packages of bees so that you can start your own colonies, build custom equipment such as screened bottom boards and hive stands, or provide extraction services for your honey harvest. Note: Package bees for new colonies, installed by Pollen or otherwise, need to be reserved by February 15th.

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